The 13th of October was very busy and productive day 2!

27 Oct

Later Karen Mack took me to another arts center called “Inner City Arts” where I was introduced what kind of community engaged and based activities usually they held.

A running workshop in the In Inner-City Arts center

Afterwards Beth Peterson took me to the other arts organizations which were working in the same concept. We visited “Self Help Graphics and Art” center exactly the time when they were holding a workshop for the community, building toys and different kind of staff preparing for the celebration Halloween.

Me in Self Help Graphics and Art center talking to one of the masters of papier-mâché.

During the workshop for community members.

Afterwards Beth drove for me to the Avenue 50 Studio, where she introduced me to the director of the gallery Kathy Mas. That was another interesting venue and I liked that they usually organized exhibitions round some topic. Current show for instance was about the valance of police in the USA.
We did exchange of contacts and talked about the mutual interest to collaborate maybe somehow in the future.

So, the 13th of October was very busy and productive day!

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