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Private Time: 4 Episodes

7 Nov

Time is running, time is passing and right now it is really running out! At least that is the feeling right now here in L.A.

Time has also been good to me, I have met wonderful artists, seen good arts, had inspiring ideas for the future. But back to the present- tonight I am presenting at LACE part of what I have been doing here-

As you see, it also ended up to be an event dedicated to the different layers of time. I have commissioned Los Angeles electronic musicians and sound artists to create new scores for video work by Latvian artists. This event will feature performances by Glenn Bach, Infinite Body, Yann Novak, and Steve Roden accompanying a video program including Long Day (2012) by Krišs Salmanis, We used to live a private life (2011) by Kate Krolle and Visualisation of Thoughts (2011) and Still Life (2011) by Linda Konone.

I am really eager to see and hear the performances!

Here are links to musicians websites: