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Festival For All Skid Row Artists 2012

29 Oct

I had another very interesting day in Los Angeles. I was invited to the 3rd annual Festival for All Skid Row Artists on Saturday and Sunday, October 20 and 21 from 12 till 4 PM in Gladys Park, at the corner of 6th Street and Gladys Avenue in Skid Row, where neighborhood artists performed and exhibited their works and music, a lot of nice music.



John and Henriette, co-organizers of the LAPD workshop (artist and 18th Street Arts Center resident) picked me up and took to the Festival place. I was engaged in setting and preparing for the festival and met many interesting people. They introduced me to Hayk Makhmuryan who had Armenian origin and worked for Lamp Community as fine arts coordinator.

Hayk Makhmuryan and me are hanging the poster-painting.


I was assisting him during the festival. We talked a lot about the mutual interest in organizing outside art events, community engaged and community based events and about its necessity both in US and Armenia and in all other couriers as well.

Community artists near their booth.

It was open for the children from the community, too.

Later we had diner in China Town, LA with the group of organizers and volunteers.

During the diner in China Town; left to right; Hohn Malpede, me and Hayk Makhmuryan

That was great meeting John, Henriette and Hayk, since we found mutual interest what we were doing in our art practices and promised to have a meeting later and discuss how we can collaborate in the future.

The 13th of October was very busy and productive day 2!

27 Oct

Later Karen Mack took me to another arts center called “Inner City Arts” where I was introduced what kind of community engaged and based activities usually they held.

A running workshop in the In Inner-City Arts center

Afterwards Beth Peterson took me to the other arts organizations which were working in the same concept. We visited “Self Help Graphics and Art” center exactly the time when they were holding a workshop for the community, building toys and different kind of staff preparing for the celebration Halloween.

Me in Self Help Graphics and Art center talking to one of the masters of papier-mâché.

During the workshop for community members.

Afterwards Beth drove for me to the Avenue 50 Studio, where she introduced me to the director of the gallery Kathy Mas. That was another interesting venue and I liked that they usually organized exhibitions round some topic. Current show for instance was about the valance of police in the USA.
We did exchange of contacts and talked about the mutual interest to collaborate maybe somehow in the future.

So, the 13th of October was very busy and productive day!

The 13th of October was very busy and productive day!

27 Oct


My residency agenda has been started from the 13th October, 2012 and until now I have had many interesting meetings and visiting arts organizations in Los Angeles. In 13th October, Jan, executive director of the 18th Street Arts center took me to the St. Elmo Village which is a residency center that realizes community based art projects working with different social groups in the community. Roderick Sykes guided me over the village telling also the story how it was founded and expended. Everything was about “Love”. Love to the work what one is doing. I could feel that love and dedication to that space and goal what Elmo people were doing.

Roderick is telling about foundation of the village.

In one of the workshop room.

St. Elmo Village with the children attending the workshop.

My residency stay as a CEC ARTSLInk fellow in the 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, CL

23 Oct


I arrived Los Angeles on the 11th Oct., 2012 and was met by Jessica at the airport, who worked for the 18th Street Arts Center. That was a new experience for me; the 1st time in Los Angeles, Ocean…

She took me to the Arts Center where I met people from staff. They all are very nice people, have been waiting for my arrival. It was funny, all were interested how pronounce my name, which is very Armenian name and in fact very difficult for English speaking people. May I will choose an American nickname for me.

I liked the host organization and found it very interesting for me and right chosen according to my proposal.

The day I did arrive and the next day as well were my free days and I just spent it walking round, having some shopping and so on, just preparing for my more than one month stay in Santa Monica. 

My host had planned an agenda for me between for the period of my residency there and on the 13th Oct. in the morning Jan, the executive director of the 18th Streets Arts Center, took for the meetings according to the agenda. They were chosen really right institutions and people to visit.

I am so impressed that later would like to post all what I felt in my blog here, sharing my experience.


My three days in New York City as a CEC ArtsLink fellow 2012.

23 Oct

Though it was my 2nd visit to New York, but I always get confused in mega-polices.
I was looking forward to meet other fellows since I read about them but didn’t know in person.
In 9th Oct, we all had brief self introduction and presentations of our activates, which forced us to know each other’s creative resume better. I had a talk about Akos Cultural NGO, the organization I was running and about my artistic activity. We had very intense and super interesting days in NYC before we leave for our host cities; visiting arts centers, galleries, seeing street artist-story teller and talking to her, having meal together and all that time program director Tamalyn Miller and program coordinator Maxim Tumenev were with us working along the NYC streets and assisting us to explore it.

The idea of ArtsLink residency; spreading fellow over the country is very good, I liked that very much. It is like in epic tales, like sending “apostles” to the different sides to do their mission. I liked. ImageImage