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Oberlin College Tehnology in Music and Related Arts Program

9 Nov

It was a great experience to be in a Residency at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music – the Liberal Arts College in Ohio.

My residency takes place at TIMARA department ( Technology in Music and Related Arts )that has outstanding music studios and equipment. I have an access to six soundproof studios for recording and producing electro-acoustic music, as well as a networked lab of G5 Macintosh computers – each with a synthesizer keyboard and a full array of music software. I have been fortunate to meet and collaborate with a visiting professor at TIMARA department, Lyn Goeringer  – Lyn works in a vast array of artistic fields; she is an inter-media composer, performer and sound artist. Having a chance to interact and collaborate with her was the most important part of my Residency here. In our collaboration, my part has been to provide a visual concept and the real-time manipulation of sound and video for Lyn’s music performance. This collaboration also involves Sam Fisher, who is a student and TIMARA’s Lab assistant. Sam has been programming my visual concepts using the “Max msp jitter” software. In addition to this specific art project, Lyn has helped me to understand better the sound as a medium, which I have intuitively used in my light-sound installations. Overall, this collaboration has helped me to expand my professional horizons and deepen the understanding of my own artwork.

 Besides the audio-video manipulations that I have worked with in the above-mentioned project, Sam has also helped me learn how to use the audacity program for sound that will be very helpful for my future work.

 I would also like to emphasize that this was my first experience of a Liberal Art college and I find it very enriching. Unlike my educational experience at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, this College offers rich and varied opportunities for students to develop essential college-level skills in a variety of fields as well as to invent their own program of study without the need to focus on one Major field ( e.g. you can take classes in Science as well as classes in Composition which is so amazing!. I feel like this concept of learning opens up the opportunity for broader critical thinking, and help you grow and experience world in an interdisciplinary way.

At Oberlin, I have had a chance to attend classes of several courses, including “Site and sound”; ” Intro to Electroacoustic Music”; and “Advanced  Electroacoustic Music”. This gave me an insight into these subjects and provided an opportunity to learn how teachers work with students in this kind of environment. Students are encouraged to discuss and participate during classes, which I find very stimulating and thought-provoking. I also had a chance to meet people from the Physics department and to talk to
them on novelties in Physics, which was interesting. Overall, participation in classes and conversations that I have had with various TIMARA’s professors and students was a very nice and enriching experience.


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Besides my activities at the College, I have also had a chance to visit Allen Memorial Museum in Oberlin as well as “Cleveland Art Museum” and “Cleveland MOCA” in Cleveland. These visits made my stay here even more fulfilling. In addition, meeting local artists and going to the art events (art exhibitions, music concerts and lectures) was a great cultural experience.

Overall, this was an amazing professional experience!! Thank you ArtsLink for providing this opportunity to me!